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U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy


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Our Newest location, right near the historical downtown Columbus Ohio cityscape! This location has new state of the art martial arts equipment, new floor padding and has the largest area of training space of all our current and past dojo's! We hope to fill our new school with students that will endure our lifelong journey of enlightenment and honor. Our instructors are eager to train all new recruits and we hope to see you in our ranks soon!

With our team of talented instructors, you will find our broad selection of Kung Fu styles very refreshing, whether you are looking to become more active and athletic or just looking for inner peace through self discipline. Please join us in a trial class or two, you might find the company inviting and the training just right for you! If you are in the Columbus are, come on by and check us out, you may like what you find here!


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4212 Eastland Square Drive Columbus, OH 43232

Tel: 614-626-0545

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