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U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy


Our Cleveland location is home to many years of training and rich history from Sifu John Ervin. This location has been instructing students from more than 30 years. We have all of our tournament trophies and news articles on display for you to see when you visit us here! Located near Cleveland's own little China Town area, you will find the scenery fitting with Downtown's buildings just within view of the schools background!

We pride ourselves here with our culture of diverse students from many different backgrounds and walks of life. You can find the spirit of Kung Fu dwelling in this dojo and fueling our everyday lives here! If you are located in the Cleveland area, stop in and say hello, you may find what you have been searching for in a martial arts school.


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6401 St. Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 4103

Tel: 216-431-4991 

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